Monday, December 27, 2010

a new me!

I'm Back.... sitting here in the loft of my mothers well decorated beachy chic condo in Ohio and suddenly feel inspired by a blog during my daily read. Im so sorry I fell of the face of the earth, Justin and I went through a lot in the last couple of months, but now we are better than ever, and just in (no pun intended) time for the holidays and his birthday of course. I just had an amazing holiday with my family up north and my grandparents. The holiday continues tomorrow with my dad and Thursday when I go back to North Carolina.

With all the changes that have gone on in my life, I am starting this new year off with a bang. I am finally happy again, motivated and again... and inspired which is all I can ask for. Thanks to Apartment #34 heres the photo that inspired me!
How amazing is this? I love the pink, and what girl doesn't love large pink presents? although we all know the little blue box trumps them all.. wink wink guys. I also found something awesome on Design*Sponge that I had to share and have to have when I get that iPad I secretly want
It's a manilla folder, leather iPad case, how cool is that?
Well I'm off to get sushi and zen cha with Molly in the short north!! very excited, maybe even a little shopping, although I don't have the money, the girl needs to shop :)

I'll be back tomorrow... and I won't promise because I haven't been good about that lately!