Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 27th don't mind me

Up early on our last day to catch as many rays of sun as possible. Mom did her spinning class as I laid by the pool of course. A couple of champagne and pineapples later, Eduardo convinced me once again to join them in one last water aerobics at the pool. At 1130 I headed to the main pool to catch up with some of the friends I made and wait for aerobics to start. Had a great work out from 12 to one, then grabbed lunch with mom! After trying some sort of liquid that was NOT chocolate I had to grad another drink and go back to the pool.

I cut up in the pool for a little while longer then headed to the spa for a massage and a manicure that lasted less than 24 hours, but was adorable at the time! At five we headed to the spider monkey tour and saw sow amazing monkeys swinging from the tress. Back to the room to get ready for our last dinner together. As we try to order chardonnay to the room we were informed the resort was currently out of sock… Pretty sure we drank them out of chard. We went back tot he Asian restaurant for one of the funniest dinners yet. The servers carried around huge trays with white linens hanging off of them. Obliviously out server was walking to the table behind us with a try in hand. As he walked by the white linen hanging down swiped over Lisa's head, then Lauren's, at this point we were all giggling because he ad no idea, By the time he got to me the tray just levitated over top my head for about 5 solid minutes with the table cloth in my face. We were CRACKING up to tears. It was just hilarious, don't mind us just sitting here dining. Good thing we had a sense of humor, but once our server realized what was going on, we rarely saw him and he didn't pick up a tray for the rest of the night.

After a couple of mayan coffees we were off to bed. Traveling the entire next day. Getting to the airport to sit in Bubba Gumps and order margaritas and coronas to end the trip just right.

I had such an amazing time and although I was eager to get home, I am ready to go back and miss spending everyday with mom in the sun :(



May 26th Mississippi OR Kentucky/ yellow girl

Woke up and caught the bus to Playacar Resort . We grabbed breakfast in the beautiful white, and beige surroundings with an amazing selection! I had made to order egg white omelet and a croissant with peanut butter, it was to die for as usual. We then headed out into the streets of Mexico, being badgered of course from each vendor, but we quickly learned to ignore the,. The highlight was when some man asked us where we were from and we responded, “United States” and he replied, “Mississippi or Kentucky” I thought that was hilarious, those were our only options.

I found an awesome bracelet for a $1 and a pair of peacock feather earrings I love. We ran into a baby jaguar and Lion that we weren’t aloud to take pictures of but they were absolutely precious, I wanted to take them home. They were so adorable, tripping over their oversized paws, just too cute.

We then went to Senor Frogs, which is always a good time. Got a couple of drinks and free shots. Then headed to the VIP beach at Playacar, ordered drinks and read Bethenny in the sun. We headed in around 3 to make our spa appointments at four,

Today I had a chocolate wrap and I still need my chocolate fix afterwards. I got a scrub, then covered head to toe in pure chocolate, then lotion from head to toe in cocoa butter, it was amazing but left my mouth watering.

Dinner tonight was at the steakhouse at Adventura Cove. It was really good, although they forgot out appetizer, my Filet was awesome and the carrot cake was worth the wait. At the end he made us Mayan Coffee, which is coffee made with Kailua and Sambuca and set on fire so it is quite a show, they add ice cream and it is amazing!.

We came home after much girl talk and ordered off the ‘pillow menu’ chamomile, goose feather and orthopedic pillows arrived at out room within minutes along with a relaxing aromatherapy.

Great service! I cannot believe this amazing trip is almost over


May 25th VIP

Typical day here in Mexico! Breakfast then to the pool. Through the anxiety I swam with the fish in the ocean! I did some water aerobics with Lisa and studied for work. Went in at around 4 for my spa treatment. Today I had a wrap that helped with sunburns. It was some kind of crazy. I was covered head to toe in some Aloe Vera/ Bio freeze mixture, it went from cold to FREEZING and I was counting the minutes till I could was it off. But in the end it felt really good on my skin and the massage at the end is always nice,

After that we went to a VIP members cocktail party with champagne and amazing appetizers, including this bread filled with cream cheese; which I am addicted to. We hung out there for about an our and made our way back to the Mexican restaurant for the second time, and I made my own quesadilla again, this time with goat cheese and it was amazing!

The show tonight was the fire show and it was amazing. Just a bunch of sexy men throwing fire around! Made for great entertainment. But the amazement went to the stars tonight. They were not only huge, they went all the way to the horizon line and there we millions of them, I could see every constellation I know!

Back to the room, reading all my old messages on FB because they exist now, so I need to get off the computer and into bed, early day tomorrow. Off to Punta Cana to shop~!!

Hasta Luego!


May 24th sharing lip gloss with dolphins

Woke up this morning for another amazing breakfast, but all that was on my mind was our excursion for the day. At 10:30 we arrived to swim with the dolphins. It was absolutely amazing. Although my anxiety took over my boy for a short period of time, it was relieved from the first stroke of the dolphin. They were so sweet, reminded me of my golden puppy, Cody. Everyone got a kiss on the cheek, on the lips, a handshake and a ride on his belly.

Zeus was the Dolphin who I rode and he was a sweet as can be so gentle and treated me like a lady. But the best part was when we were petting him, he was so relaxed he pooped on the girl in front of me. We all backed up freaking out and she had no idea what was going on, it was a riot.

We of course got many photographs and went back to the resort and lay out in the VIP area of the pool. My skin is hating me more and more each day we are here, but I will get tan I am determined.

Got a little more dressed up for dinner tonight to head to Adventure Cove the resort right next door and have classic Mexican food. Oh My Gosh, best food and service yet. We had Guacamole made it front of us with tequila and fire involved. Amazing apps and dinner, along with an adorable server and service that was on point. After dinner we went to the magic show. Although I wasn’t aloud in the little kid chair that matched my dress I watched just as Intensely and obsessed over the fact I did not get to hold the bunny that came out of the hat. Lauren got to get on stage though, posing for every shot, she did great and made something happen with a duck, I don’t know I was busy taking pictures.

Great day all in all, amazing talk back home I cant wait till this weekend.



May 23rd happy congratulations

Woke up and had the best breakfast, made to order omelets, croissants and of course, mimosas, We were finally joined by Lisa and Lauren which made it that much better. We claimed our seats by the pool early, and to be honest with you that is about all we did all day was lay by the pool, except I did water aerobics in the pool with the ladies, which actually was a great workout.

I continually read Bethenny, (which I am completely fascinated with) and drank mojitos like it wad my job. At 11am we joined the cute, young Mexicans for water aerobics in the middle of the pool, which actually worked me out, and was a blast! We then learned how to make homemade sangria; which is a very valuable lesson! ( FYI the next Skinny Girl cocktail coming out this summer is Skinny Girls White Sangria and I cannot wait). After that more time of soaking up the sun and of course the ritual of guac and chips for lunch.

Spa time at 4pm once again and today it was a sports massage, working out the aches and pains of my deep tissue and stretching all my muscles from all the working out Ive been doing, or lack there of.

Afterword a little room service and a phone call home did the trick. Mom and I were getting ready for dinner to “Summer Girl” and a glass of decent chardonnay.

Lauren, Lisa, Mom and I all headed down to dinner and enjoyed Caesar salads made at the table and amazing mushroom ravioli. We had a priceless trip to the gift shop afterward, then headed to bed as usual.

We had another cake reading “Happy Congratulations” and 2 chocolate covered strawberries, We got 2 long stemmed white roses, and so did Lisa, but that darn 2534 got a towel worry doll and we are not happy.

Off to bed


Sunday, May 22, 2011

coochi coochi auroa auroa!!!

Sunday Fun day! Started out with 10:30am room service so we got our full 12 hour night sleep! After a ham and cheese omelet and croissant, we headed down to the pool. The chairs are awesome because they sit in about 6in of water so if i put a foot on the ground it is in water and cools me off. Today we sat right next to the swim up bar and started with mimosas right when we got there.

I laid in the sun all day crisping up real nicely! I started A Place Of Yes, Finally and 25 pages in, I can already tell you it's a life changer.

In the mean time Mom and I are having the best heart to hearts talking about us, the people in our lives, her and Jeff, her and my dad, I am learning so much about my mom it;s making me learn so much about my self at the same time.

So at around 3pm there is a game for everyone in the pool (all that was required was to have a drink in your hand). Everyone gathered in the center of the pool in front of the DJ. The DJ would play about 2 seconds of a song and we had to guess what show or movie it was from. Mom went straight for the game, thinking she had it in the bag. After the first couple of songs I figured I would help her out. To guess an answer you had to say the password which was, COOCHI COOCHI AUROA AUROA (which made up of me bouncing out of the water yelling coochi coochi, waving my hands hoping the would call on me). Low and be hold I got random songs from, Twilight, Pearl Harbor, and Pirates Of The Caribbean. Mom got Ghost, plus I found a chip that we were supposed to earn floating in the pool... We averaged out to about 14 chips, but got beat by 3 :( I was bummed, but I loved he game, got my heart rate up and I felt so smart knowing a movie so quick!

Our Friends Lauren and Lisa finally arrived and we ran into them on our way to the spa and caught up with them a little. Mom and I both got 80 minute massages this afternoon. It was amazing, I spent all 80 minutes daydreaming, literally, I may have slipped into a real dream, until the woman started beating me up. My shoulders feel like I had a huge work out at the gym and I know I will have bruises in the morning. This tiny little Mexican woman was putting her entire body weight from her elbow into my back. I'm sure it will feel good in the long run. But over all the massage was awesome and so relaxing.

After word we had wine and apps sent to the room and mom and I got ready. We ate at the Asian restaurant tonight. Got some great sushi, fried cheese and bananas as an appetizer, a lovely seafood curry (lol) and lots more fried items for dessert :) which of course is good, anything fried is. There was supposed to be some Michael Jackson show this evening, but mom and I can't seem to stop talking to each other, it's like I haven't seem her in years, so we missed it. And since they pour wine like it is water around here, we are exhausted and off to bed.



Saturday, May 21, 2011

holy guacamole

so, randomly enough, I am in Mexico for the week. A belated 21st / graduation celebratory trip with mom..just us girls :)

After a stressful, hectic, we almost didn't make it airport experience, we arrived into Cancun early at about 9:30am today. One corona down and we hopped a bus to listened to an American woman attempt to fluently speak Spanish to the taxi driver for 2 hours on our way to Aventura Spa Palace. We finally arrived greeted with moist towels, cocktails and bell boys. Learning that we were considered VIP (thank you Lisa) we got the grand tour of the spa, many pools, and restaurants.

The pools seemed mediocre to our room. We are not on a cruise ship that is for sure. The bed room is gorgeous, looking out over the pool and the ocean, our deck has its own personal hammock. The all tile bedrooms focal point in the giant jacuzzi for two overlooking the water, very romantic... of course there are beds and a nice shower but it doesn't compare to the 4 bottles of liquor we have on tap and the endless mixers and wine we could dream of (for the most part)

After lunch, first, second and third stop... pool bar. Mom and I enjoyed mojitos, and Malibu and pineapple all afternoon talking about girly stuff that must be talked about. Not to mention the amazing, authentic guacamole we snacked on (influencing the title of this post lol). Followed by a mani/pedi then off to an Italian dinner, outside watching the sun go down.

Best thing there was the bread and olive oil because the bread was filled with ricotta cheese. Really?? Best thing ever, cannot believe I have never had that before. also had gnocchi, and tirimisu of course.

I am having a lot of trouble not comparing this to every cruise I have been on. I already have my criticisms but I'm going to give this place a little longer than one day and I'll give you the verdict when it is all said and done. We are off to bed early this evening, up since 5am and drinking all day does not add up to a late night. Cannot wait for the sunshine tomorrow :)

**pictures will come later**

Sunday, May 15, 2011

more fake food

thank you Margaret for showing me this, made from shoe laces, wax linen, cotton, etc.... these are quite cute!


coral and blue

found these beautiful wedding shots today on Style Me Pretty. I am obsessing with this color combinations and I love the shoes to show it off. The ring is stunning! What a perfect way to have a Florida wedding!

p.s. this may have become my dream ring :)


after graduation

well it's official! I am a college graduate from High Point University! I graduated Cum Laude with my Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design. After a very eventful Graduation weekend with ALL of my family and friends I am finally settled in my new apartment in Wilmington, North Carolina!

I have started my new job and I am having no trouble going to the beach everyday. I am headed to Mexico with mom for a week next weekend but I will try to keep up the blogging. I am on my new Mac Book pro and I can't keep myself off of it, so it shouldn't be an issue.

see you shortly