Wednesday, March 3, 2010

catch up

So let's just talk about The Bachelor! First of all Jake was such a perfect bachelor and he is smokin' hot!! I really loved this season, it was so dramatic and somewhat different from the past seasons. No, I am not happy that Vienna won, but it seems they are in love so power to them! I am so excited that Alli is the next Bachelorette she is so cute and great I love her and cannot wait for her season to start in May.

Started my internship on Monday and it was extremely nerve wrecking, but I have been twice now and I'm beginning to get used to it. I love the solid 3 hours of design with no interruption, what a great time to think! Although my back is killing me afterward.

Every semester High Point University holds a free concert for us. I know we are spoiled to death, but what can I say. Today we got the news of our spring concert and I am so pumped. Corey Smith who sings one of my favorite songs, "If I could do it again." I cannot wait, the concert will be so much fun , April 28 th cannot come soon enough.

And speaking about soon, Spring Break is in 3 days and I'm going to Daytona Beach with all my best friends! Last year 12 of us went to Panama City Beach and I had the best week of my life, so I can not wait to be in the sun, on the beach and relaxing!

This past weekend I visited my old roommate and one of my best friends Meredith in Charlotte. It was so good to see her and we just picked up right were we left off. I know she was meant to be in my life just because of that. I left with so many new memories and funny stories, I miss her even more now :( I'll see her again for Easter and I cannot wait! (REECES puffs ;)

Additions to my bucket list:

21. Go to 311 day (311 concert on March 11 th)
22. Watch the Macy's day Parade live in New York City
23. Cook Thanksgiving dinner
24. Design a wedding dress
25. Create a coffee table book
26. Not take life so seriously (I have trouble with this one)


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