Thursday, September 30, 2010

already gone

Hello, I know it has been forever and because it is the last day in September I figured I would make some time to tell y'all what I have been up to...

First of all I am back in school and loving it! Taking all art related classes is what I have been waiting for for four years and now I know why! my favorite class is the one I am not getting
credit for (because I have already completed the course, now I am just gaining portfolio pieces), advanced graphic design. We just completed a poster about a social issue, here is mine about Verbal Abuse. (which I am obsessed with by the way)
Secondly, Justin and I moved in together with my best friend Ashleigh. I am loving every minute of it. We basically lived together this summer but actually having him there everyday is so much fun. We got to decorate and paint the apartment and it looks so adorable! (i did the decorating and Justin did the painting)
We also just passed our 6th month anniversary which is a mile stone for us. Mom and Jeff were in town the weekend of our anniversary so we went to eat at 1924 Prime steak house on campus and Print Works Bistro to have cocktails and appetizers with the Davis family. It was so much fun to celebrate with everyone, and Justin surprised me with a beautiful promise ring. (it is a ring with diamonds, not a diamond ring to be clear!)
Him and I have been through a lot lately but it is making us stronger and stronger every day.
I also started Boot Camp again 2 weeks ago! Now getting up at 530 to meet Blaze at 6am is rough but worth it. I love it so much, somewhere to be and something I have to do, all benefitting my self! I already feel great and I am only half way done.

I am so happy to be back at school because all my girls are here! It is so nice to have them around and and have someone to turn to close to me!
So far, September has gone well and I cant wait for October and the holidays, planning a trip to Ohio soon to visit my family and the places I love, and make sure Justin loves them too!

I'll try harder to keep up, I promise.


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