Monday, April 4, 2011

its all about the desk...

I love my apartment so much but I cannot stand that I don't have a desk to sit an work at. My couch and bed just doesn't cut it. Being that I am moving in May (to where is undecided) I really want a desk in my new place. I found a couple prospects at Pottery Barn and IKEA. I need leg room, storage, workspace and beauty. Shouldn't be too hard to find, which one do y'all like best?
kind of expensive from Pottery Barn, but I may just HAVE TO HAVE this one (hutch and chair included!)

obsessing over this one, very beachy and my style! This one is obviously Pottery Barn

awesome, but I need to see out a window or something, I'll feel like I'm in time out if I'm staring into the corner

Perfect for workspace, but I need some storage!


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