Thursday, June 2, 2011

sweet summertime

As I bite into my first bright red cherry of the season, and sip my SkinnyGirl Margarita, I now know it is officially summertime. I am back from Mexico and in full swing of summer, work at Deluxe is going well, and today I was lucky enough to get the internship at Morvil Advertising + Design Group. I am thrilled. I have been on top of my game for the past couple of days, completely back to myself and loving life. (thank you to the people who are in my life but do not take it from me).

I am loving my life, and reading "A Place of Yes" everyday is helping me come from a place of yet, and get what I want out of life! Everyone needs to be reading this book!

As for Mexico I told you all I would give you the verdict of cruise vs. all inclusive, that will be another post, but I promise it's coming.

first and foremost check out Design*Sponge, they updated their website and it looks awesome, inspiring me to crack down and get my website up and running.

secondly I keep a folder of beautiful things I want to blog about and I am going to share those things with you...

I of course have to start with some beautiful wedding photos, and you will have to forgive me I pulled these forever ago and I cannot remember where I got them, if you know, fill me in!
This next outfit is how I dream of looking at my big girl job (which is basically starting next week) thank you Apartment #34 for wanting to put all my hard earned money to fun work outfits!
and last but not least, a little soul food. Although it looks like a hot mess up close, from afar, it is gorgeous, and to pretty to eat :) These colorful little pieces of cake would be awesome at a wedding or a Summer cookout! thank you OnceWed and House of Origin!

That is all for now, back to enjoying my margarita and the sweet (but smoldering) sunshine.


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