Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 24th sharing lip gloss with dolphins

Woke up this morning for another amazing breakfast, but all that was on my mind was our excursion for the day. At 10:30 we arrived to swim with the dolphins. It was absolutely amazing. Although my anxiety took over my boy for a short period of time, it was relieved from the first stroke of the dolphin. They were so sweet, reminded me of my golden puppy, Cody. Everyone got a kiss on the cheek, on the lips, a handshake and a ride on his belly.

Zeus was the Dolphin who I rode and he was a sweet as can be so gentle and treated me like a lady. But the best part was when we were petting him, he was so relaxed he pooped on the girl in front of me. We all backed up freaking out and she had no idea what was going on, it was a riot.

We of course got many photographs and went back to the resort and lay out in the VIP area of the pool. My skin is hating me more and more each day we are here, but I will get tan I am determined.

Got a little more dressed up for dinner tonight to head to Adventure Cove the resort right next door and have classic Mexican food. Oh My Gosh, best food and service yet. We had Guacamole made it front of us with tequila and fire involved. Amazing apps and dinner, along with an adorable server and service that was on point. After dinner we went to the magic show. Although I wasn’t aloud in the little kid chair that matched my dress I watched just as Intensely and obsessed over the fact I did not get to hold the bunny that came out of the hat. Lauren got to get on stage though, posing for every shot, she did great and made something happen with a duck, I don’t know I was busy taking pictures.

Great day all in all, amazing talk back home I cant wait till this weekend.



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