Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 26th Mississippi OR Kentucky/ yellow girl

Woke up and caught the bus to Playacar Resort . We grabbed breakfast in the beautiful white, and beige surroundings with an amazing selection! I had made to order egg white omelet and a croissant with peanut butter, it was to die for as usual. We then headed out into the streets of Mexico, being badgered of course from each vendor, but we quickly learned to ignore the,. The highlight was when some man asked us where we were from and we responded, “United States” and he replied, “Mississippi or Kentucky” I thought that was hilarious, those were our only options.

I found an awesome bracelet for a $1 and a pair of peacock feather earrings I love. We ran into a baby jaguar and Lion that we weren’t aloud to take pictures of but they were absolutely precious, I wanted to take them home. They were so adorable, tripping over their oversized paws, just too cute.

We then went to Senor Frogs, which is always a good time. Got a couple of drinks and free shots. Then headed to the VIP beach at Playacar, ordered drinks and read Bethenny in the sun. We headed in around 3 to make our spa appointments at four,

Today I had a chocolate wrap and I still need my chocolate fix afterwards. I got a scrub, then covered head to toe in pure chocolate, then lotion from head to toe in cocoa butter, it was amazing but left my mouth watering.

Dinner tonight was at the steakhouse at Adventura Cove. It was really good, although they forgot out appetizer, my Filet was awesome and the carrot cake was worth the wait. At the end he made us Mayan Coffee, which is coffee made with Kailua and Sambuca and set on fire so it is quite a show, they add ice cream and it is amazing!.

We came home after much girl talk and ordered off the ‘pillow menu’ chamomile, goose feather and orthopedic pillows arrived at out room within minutes along with a relaxing aromatherapy.

Great service! I cannot believe this amazing trip is almost over


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