Saturday, May 21, 2011

holy guacamole

so, randomly enough, I am in Mexico for the week. A belated 21st / graduation celebratory trip with mom..just us girls :)

After a stressful, hectic, we almost didn't make it airport experience, we arrived into Cancun early at about 9:30am today. One corona down and we hopped a bus to listened to an American woman attempt to fluently speak Spanish to the taxi driver for 2 hours on our way to Aventura Spa Palace. We finally arrived greeted with moist towels, cocktails and bell boys. Learning that we were considered VIP (thank you Lisa) we got the grand tour of the spa, many pools, and restaurants.

The pools seemed mediocre to our room. We are not on a cruise ship that is for sure. The bed room is gorgeous, looking out over the pool and the ocean, our deck has its own personal hammock. The all tile bedrooms focal point in the giant jacuzzi for two overlooking the water, very romantic... of course there are beds and a nice shower but it doesn't compare to the 4 bottles of liquor we have on tap and the endless mixers and wine we could dream of (for the most part)

After lunch, first, second and third stop... pool bar. Mom and I enjoyed mojitos, and Malibu and pineapple all afternoon talking about girly stuff that must be talked about. Not to mention the amazing, authentic guacamole we snacked on (influencing the title of this post lol). Followed by a mani/pedi then off to an Italian dinner, outside watching the sun go down.

Best thing there was the bread and olive oil because the bread was filled with ricotta cheese. Really?? Best thing ever, cannot believe I have never had that before. also had gnocchi, and tirimisu of course.

I am having a lot of trouble not comparing this to every cruise I have been on. I already have my criticisms but I'm going to give this place a little longer than one day and I'll give you the verdict when it is all said and done. We are off to bed early this evening, up since 5am and drinking all day does not add up to a late night. Cannot wait for the sunshine tomorrow :)

**pictures will come later**

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