Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 25th VIP

Typical day here in Mexico! Breakfast then to the pool. Through the anxiety I swam with the fish in the ocean! I did some water aerobics with Lisa and studied for work. Went in at around 4 for my spa treatment. Today I had a wrap that helped with sunburns. It was some kind of crazy. I was covered head to toe in some Aloe Vera/ Bio freeze mixture, it went from cold to FREEZING and I was counting the minutes till I could was it off. But in the end it felt really good on my skin and the massage at the end is always nice,

After that we went to a VIP members cocktail party with champagne and amazing appetizers, including this bread filled with cream cheese; which I am addicted to. We hung out there for about an our and made our way back to the Mexican restaurant for the second time, and I made my own quesadilla again, this time with goat cheese and it was amazing!

The show tonight was the fire show and it was amazing. Just a bunch of sexy men throwing fire around! Made for great entertainment. But the amazement went to the stars tonight. They were not only huge, they went all the way to the horizon line and there we millions of them, I could see every constellation I know!

Back to the room, reading all my old messages on FB because they exist now, so I need to get off the computer and into bed, early day tomorrow. Off to Punta Cana to shop~!!

Hasta Luego!


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