Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 23rd happy congratulations

Woke up and had the best breakfast, made to order omelets, croissants and of course, mimosas, We were finally joined by Lisa and Lauren which made it that much better. We claimed our seats by the pool early, and to be honest with you that is about all we did all day was lay by the pool, except I did water aerobics in the pool with the ladies, which actually was a great workout.

I continually read Bethenny, (which I am completely fascinated with) and drank mojitos like it wad my job. At 11am we joined the cute, young Mexicans for water aerobics in the middle of the pool, which actually worked me out, and was a blast! We then learned how to make homemade sangria; which is a very valuable lesson! ( FYI the next Skinny Girl cocktail coming out this summer is Skinny Girls White Sangria and I cannot wait). After that more time of soaking up the sun and of course the ritual of guac and chips for lunch.

Spa time at 4pm once again and today it was a sports massage, working out the aches and pains of my deep tissue and stretching all my muscles from all the working out Ive been doing, or lack there of.

Afterword a little room service and a phone call home did the trick. Mom and I were getting ready for dinner to “Summer Girl” and a glass of decent chardonnay.

Lauren, Lisa, Mom and I all headed down to dinner and enjoyed Caesar salads made at the table and amazing mushroom ravioli. We had a priceless trip to the gift shop afterward, then headed to bed as usual.

We had another cake reading “Happy Congratulations” and 2 chocolate covered strawberries, We got 2 long stemmed white roses, and so did Lisa, but that darn 2534 got a towel worry doll and we are not happy.

Off to bed


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