Sunday, May 22, 2011

coochi coochi auroa auroa!!!

Sunday Fun day! Started out with 10:30am room service so we got our full 12 hour night sleep! After a ham and cheese omelet and croissant, we headed down to the pool. The chairs are awesome because they sit in about 6in of water so if i put a foot on the ground it is in water and cools me off. Today we sat right next to the swim up bar and started with mimosas right when we got there.

I laid in the sun all day crisping up real nicely! I started A Place Of Yes, Finally and 25 pages in, I can already tell you it's a life changer.

In the mean time Mom and I are having the best heart to hearts talking about us, the people in our lives, her and Jeff, her and my dad, I am learning so much about my mom it;s making me learn so much about my self at the same time.

So at around 3pm there is a game for everyone in the pool (all that was required was to have a drink in your hand). Everyone gathered in the center of the pool in front of the DJ. The DJ would play about 2 seconds of a song and we had to guess what show or movie it was from. Mom went straight for the game, thinking she had it in the bag. After the first couple of songs I figured I would help her out. To guess an answer you had to say the password which was, COOCHI COOCHI AUROA AUROA (which made up of me bouncing out of the water yelling coochi coochi, waving my hands hoping the would call on me). Low and be hold I got random songs from, Twilight, Pearl Harbor, and Pirates Of The Caribbean. Mom got Ghost, plus I found a chip that we were supposed to earn floating in the pool... We averaged out to about 14 chips, but got beat by 3 :( I was bummed, but I loved he game, got my heart rate up and I felt so smart knowing a movie so quick!

Our Friends Lauren and Lisa finally arrived and we ran into them on our way to the spa and caught up with them a little. Mom and I both got 80 minute massages this afternoon. It was amazing, I spent all 80 minutes daydreaming, literally, I may have slipped into a real dream, until the woman started beating me up. My shoulders feel like I had a huge work out at the gym and I know I will have bruises in the morning. This tiny little Mexican woman was putting her entire body weight from her elbow into my back. I'm sure it will feel good in the long run. But over all the massage was awesome and so relaxing.

After word we had wine and apps sent to the room and mom and I got ready. We ate at the Asian restaurant tonight. Got some great sushi, fried cheese and bananas as an appetizer, a lovely seafood curry (lol) and lots more fried items for dessert :) which of course is good, anything fried is. There was supposed to be some Michael Jackson show this evening, but mom and I can't seem to stop talking to each other, it's like I haven't seem her in years, so we missed it. And since they pour wine like it is water around here, we are exhausted and off to bed.



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