Saturday, January 9, 2010

bitter sweet

Today is the last day I will live in the house I grew up in. It is a bitter sweet feeling. If it were four years ago I would probably be in tears, but I have grown to be frustrated with this house because it took so long to sell. I am really going to miss it. Remembering all the birthdays, Christmases, sleep overs, and many other memories I have had in this house, it is hard to believe I can never 'come home' again. But the silver lining is shining bright, I am excited to move, and move on. Starting a new chapter in my life, going to bigger (actually smaller) and better places with my family.
On the note of family, that is what I have been doing for the past couple days and I have had a blast. We explored condos together yesterday and made on offer on one we love today! Very exciting! The three of us went to our annual holiday dinner last night. Although we were a little past the holiday, it is never too late to go out, eat, drink and be merry! We went to McCormick & Schmick's. I got one of the BEST meals I have ever had. Known for their fresh seafood I ordered the Atlantic Salmon from British Columbia, Canada stuffed with Blue Crab, Bay Shrimp and Brie Cheese, Roasted and topped with lemon butter sauce.
Is your mouth
watering yet, cause mine is just thinking of it.
I could have literally licked the plate if it wasn't for the fine dinning atmosphere. I finished the meal with a Chocolate Box. It was literally a box made of chocolate filled with peach mousse and fresh berries. Once again, YUM! We had a great dinner out together, but the fun part was shopping before our reservations.

My mom got a Tiffany's gift card for Christmas so we thought we should go try EVERYTHING just to be sure she makes the right choice of what to buy. The window displays and the store itself is beautiful, but we gravitated toward the diamonds. After trying on some realistic things at the counter, I moved to the engagement rings! I asked to try on my favorite ring. Patrick, the sales guy said the one I chose was so expensive that I would have to go into the private room to try it on. I must have good taste to pick the most expensive ring in the room. The ring was priced at about $68,000, but it was totally worth it. My finger absolutely sparkled, I mean Tiffany's has the best lighting, next to God that is. No purchases were made quite yet, but I officially need to find me a man with enough to buy me that ring, we might be living in a trailer and walking to work, but who cares when you have a ring that beautiful!
This morning after a family affair in spinning class, mom and went to Zen Cha for a fabulous brunch before I head back to school. It was her first time there and she seemed to like it. I'm not too concerned, my tea was excellent and we had a little mother/daughter time which is priceless.

So I figure it doesn't matter where we leave or what we live in. The stuff means nothing if we don't have each other, and we are all so lucky to have such a great family.


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