Thursday, January 7, 2010

the nothingness continues

Too much snow here in Ohio today, so I continued to pack and do nothing, so this will be short and sweet. By the way, it's official, I am bored. Packed more boxes, Mom's boxes (extra boring). Good Lord do we have a lot of expensive and unnecessary crap I haven't seen all 20 years of my life. Apparently this house was decorated when my mom and step dad were "young and rich", must have been nice. Now I do not see reasons for having ten different versions of the same glass, thank goodness we are down sizing.

Talked to one of my best friends today. This may seen normal but her and I have been through quite a lot of, again, expensive and unnecessary crap. She has a significant place in my life that cannot be filed with anyone else. I needed her back in my life, and now that she's here I feel complete again.

Swear I'm doing something interesting tomorrow!


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