Tuesday, January 12, 2010

food for thought

As a child my dream job was to be a chef. I was so in love with play food, it was the only career I could come up with. My first play kitchen as a child was the start of it all. I grew up and realized I cannot cook, literally. Eggs, pasta and cereal is about all I can do.

I still hold my obsession to food. The food network is on 24/7 and anything dealing with food is great. Maybe one day I'll be a food stylist or something, but for now I will stick with the pretend things I cannot burn. So I found the coolest, creative play food and I am seriously about to buy some for myself, I love it so much. Bug Bites is such a smart way to home-make wonderful, custom toys for little ones! When I have kids, the cinnamon rolls will be their first toy! (working at Cinnabon was my second career option)

So cute right? Absolutely love it! Enjoy


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  1. you are so adorable cooch. im loving this.