Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"carried" away

Four words. Sex And The City. One of the greatest series of all time. Between the fashion, the writing, the men and the sex, the fun never stops. As a girl when the seasons actually aired on HBO, I was of course never aloud to watch them. The second I saw the first episode I was hooked. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda are the four best friends you tell anything, but they're usually the ones to tell you first. In my opinion, a girl cannot get through life alive without her girlfriends. I have been very blessed with the friends in my life. I tell my friends everything there is to know, cause usually I need advice, and that is exactly what Sex And The City is all about. The glamorous life Carrie Bradshaw lives, makes a writer in NYC sound pretty damn good!

Whether they are sipping a cosmopolitan, strutting down Madison Avenue in Manolo Blahniks or falling in love these women always look amazing. I could easily watch the show on mute, just to see what designer they are wearing and how they are wearing it. I have always related to Carrie when it came to men. She has her Mr. Big, and I think I had one too. Although I don't see him sweeping me off my feet in Paris, or any of the great things Big did in the end, but I have someone who shook me to the my core, and who knows when I'll stop shaking.

On a lighter note the premier of Sex And The City the movie was to die for. I, of course, got really overdressed and saw it with a best friend at midnight. It was the best episode of SATC on steroids. Now, Sex And The City 2 is coming in May to officially make 2010 complete. I just viewed the trailer today and had to not only write about it but share it with you all!

I am now counting the days till May 28th to once again kiss and tell.


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