Saturday, January 2, 2010

let the packing begin

Another day without my much needed Zen Cha tea, but I had a beautiful lunch at Lindy's with Molly. Lindy's, being the location of the wedding reception of my mom and step dad, all I could remember was being eight years old and doing pirouettes in tights and my bridesmaid dress.

My parents got divorced when I was three so I never really knew their life together. I would love to know all the ups and downs of my parents marriage, they are my parents for lords sake. Unfortunately neither of them are very willing to give up information, plus the fact, I try and avoid the topic. Searching through high school papers, baby clothes and memories from the past, I stumbled across a "Brides Book." Letters and papers were shoved in the book as a place to keep them safe.

Within minuets I had the envelopes open reading the messages inside Valentine's Day and birthday cards written to me as a child and referring to my parents as a couple, which was foreign to me. I started reading the book. It was similar to a baby book, but instead of describing a new born in detail, it was describing everything from the proposal to the first anniversary. Each lined was filled with my mothers handwriting describing events that didn't exist in my mind. They met on a blind date, believe it or not, and they not only had dinner and drinks but dad came back to mom's apartment to meet her cats. Good example mother! Their wedding day was located just down the street from my home, on a beautiful sunny day with everyone dressed in black, white and red. (This has my mother written all over it.) Their honeymoon in Bermuda, luckily not described in full detail, sounded amazing.

My favorite thing in the book was an invitation to a wedding shower. The theme bridal shower invite was so cute and the party idea was so great. They had an "around the clock" party. To ease them back from Bermuda into cold, miserable, Ohio. Every guest had to bring something that could get them through one of 24 hours of the day. On the back was all of their friends and the gifts from them. Red sheets, champagne and margarita mix were just a few of the gifts from their best friends.

Flipping through this book and seeing their (short) life together lets me forget all the negative things I hear. Divorce, child support, and custody, for example, and remember that there was love this relationship, and the fun they had together with their friends.

More packing (and discovering) tomorrow and hopefully Zen Cha...


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