Thursday, January 28, 2010


This past fall of 2009 my school had a "boot camp" program where a personal trainer, Blaze Thompson comes in and tells us who to work out and eat healthy. It was four days a week from 6:45 to 7:45 am for a month. Blaze was very intense about everything we did. We had a strict diet and had to wright down everything we ate. If you were late to boot camp, ate badly or didn't do things to your full potential, you were 'punished.' But of course the good kind of punished, forcing us to be in even better shape. I had so much fun having structure and being a part of something.

Getting up early, running miles and lifting weights was difficult and a lot to get used to but I wanted more.

Starting out with a little over 50 people in the fall, so many people quit we were down to 19 who pulled through and finished. Blaze promised the 19 remaining we would have seniority over anyone else who signed up in the spring.

Sign up for spring boot came and there is now about 100 people participating this time. It is now 6:30 to 7:30 am, still four days a week and 5 weeks long. It leads right up to spring break so we are ready for bikini season!

We got all our measurements done and weight recorded today to see our starting point on this adventure. I am so excited to get down to it, and hopefully get into really good shape! I cannot wait to start off with Blaze again! I will be getting up very early for the next couple of weeks so if I go missing I am probably asleep.

Have a great weekend, be active and eat healthy


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