Sunday, January 3, 2010

life without eggs

Once again deprived of my zen, I did literally nothing today besides the gym and a bit of packing. Out of boredom, and my love for Ellen, I caught up with some Tivo re-runs. The October 22, 2009 episode featuring Mariah Carey also interviewed Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals. After lots of research, on his part, he no longer eats meat and from what I can tell, nothing else that comes from an animal.

Listening to him talk about the horrible things animals go through just to provide to us greedy humans really made me think. The factory farms where these animals come from raise these animals on drugs and are kept in places where they can barley move just to become our dinner. Not only are these factory's torturing these innocent animals, but is also the leading cause of Global Warming. And, all the drugs the animals have to take, hello Swine flu! The Swine came from a pig farm in North Carolina, ironically, and the farm people forced the name change so people would keep eating pork.

After listening to Foer make his very convincing points, it makes me want to give up meat forever. But it's not just meat I would have to give up. He proceeded to say, to start this process one food that is a must to cut out of your diet is eggs. That's it, I couldn't do it. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I just cannot picture my life without eggs. It might sound silly, but think about it. No more Christmas cookies, no egg sandwiches, no cake on your birthday and definitely no pancakes or waffles. That's a lot of goodness right out the door. Dessert and breakfast, my two favorite meals of the day.

I started to think more about what I would have to give up to become some sort of vegan. Besides the obvious meat and fish, there could be no milk and of course eggs. Would it really be that easy to never eat yogurt again, or the turkey on Thanksgiving? I would love to contribute to the health of our Earth and the poor animals, but I don't know if I could change something I've been doing, well eating for twenty years.

Could I give it all up? I would love to take on the challenge. Looks like I'll have some thinking to do, which will mainly involve peanut butter, fruits and veggies. Yum? Zen Cha tomorrow, I know drinking tea doesn't harm anything, except my bank account.


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