Monday, February 8, 2010

the best thing i ever ate

Happy Monday, at least for me! I am super excited because my roommates and I are going to 1924 Prime, the steak house on campus. Yes, campus, I know I go to school at a country club. Anyway it always makes me think of my favorite restaurant and of course my former job. I was a hostess at Ruth's Chris Steak House in both
Wilmington and Greensboro, North Carolina. But in Wilmington I was opening a brand new store, and that means taste testing. Along with learning every ingredient in every food, I got to taste everything on the menu. Four days and 4,000 calories later I had eaten some of the best food I had ever had.

I have had a few meals there, but only with my discount and only on special occasions, so when I get to go to Ruth's Chris it's kind of a big deal. My favorite item on the menu is their cheese cake. Oh. My. God. It is that good, my mouth is literally watering. It is definitely hard to go there because everything is so good. And on those boring nights as a hostess I have put together the perfect meal for every season. So if anyone is heading there in the near future I have a ton of suggestions!
I bring up Ruthy's because Valentines Day is one of the biggest events of the year. I worked last year 11 am to 1130 pm. We had a little under 900 people in the book, I did not stop moving, but it was so much fun! So this year spend your hard earned money on a meal I can guarantee will be fabulous! And the service will make you feel like royalty!


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