Tuesday, February 16, 2010

travel in style

Good Morning, this is a very busy week. School is actually getting into a groove and tests are starting to happen... So I will try to blog as much as possible, but when my life consists of business ethics, earth science, and religion, I have trouble finding something creative and interesting to talk about.

I found something last week, and I cannot remember where I found it, so whoever you were sorry, but thanks for the idea! I am going to Italy for two weeks in May and a lot of other traveling is coming up in my future, so I figured I need to travel in as much style as possible, especially since I am going to Europe. Thanks to Steam Line Luggage, I found the
perfect set of luggage for me. Girly and young, yet sophisticated and chic! Although sold out at the moment the Editor Series should be back in April. I love the pink of course!

Hope you all get to travel some where great (and warm) this year!

p.s. here are more items for my bucket list:

15. Shop on Rodeo Drive
16. Spend a Christmas at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, just like Eloise!
17. Learn to sail
18. Visit, Paris, Milan, Hawaii and Australia
19. Attend fashion week in New York City
20. Go to the Summer Olympics


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