Thursday, February 18, 2010

my addiction

Okay, so I have this problem, I am OBSESSED with Victoria's Secret, and bathing suit season is my weakness. I am strong all year, but when there are new bikinis and bonus beach bags, I feel I cannot live without them. I already made my spring purchase this year and got 3 new bikinis (for a very good deal by the way) and the free tote. Little did I know they would come out with new bikinis and a different tote, and I need it!!!!

Also I don't have a black bikini which everyone has to have. Yes I am trying to justify this so if anyone wants to donate to the Kelsey has no money and no job but needs to look fabulous on spring break fund, let me know and I will gladly take the donation! Here's a preview of what I NEED and maybe you'll understand!
How freaking cute right?? And the bag, no words, I just cannot live without it :)


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