Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OHIO love you

Cold, gray, depressing, just a few words I think of when I think of my hometown Columbus, Ohio. But I have to say I don't give the town enough credit. Summers are beautiful, we're the home of the Buckeyes, and I have amazing friends and family who live there (and lets just say no one could survive the cold and grey without friends, family, and football).

One of my favorite parts of Ohio is the unique downtown areas that hold some of the best food, drinks and desserts! To keep up with my sweet theme of February I have to tell you about Jeni's Ice Cream. With only a few locations in central Ohio, they have made quite a name for themselves. Their ice cream flavors are so crazy and out there it makes them hard to resist. Some of my favorites being Thai Chili, which is complex flavors of hot, salty, savory and sweet together to provide a satisfying treat, basically peanut butter with a kick or Queen City Cayenne (mom's favorite) which is rich chocolate that slowly reveals hints of spice. Combine the two and you have one spicy peanut butter cup. How great does that sound?

The best is their seasonal flavors such as pumpkin in the fall, eggnog in the winter, cherries and goat cheese in the summer (yes, I said goat cheese) and who knows what's to come for the spring! It is really the best ice cream I have ever had. I encourage you to make Ohio a destination this summer, the ice cream is worth it! Also be sure to watch Food Network's Unwrapped on February 9th at 9:00pm one of their new spring flavors, Roxbury Road is being featured.


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