Monday, May 10, 2010

35 hours

So I woke up Sunday morning to start my travels to Italy. Arriving in Washington D.C. at 7am we soon figured out that the Air France counter didn't open till 1pm. Not being able to cross into the airport until after that. All 14 of us hung out in the jail cell looking air port for a bit, but Kara and I made our way to the bar around 1130. A bottle of champagne later it was time to check in. Standing in line to check our bags we found out that the volcano was effecting our flight. We were supposed to head to Paris at 430pm and get in around 730am Paris time. Our flight was delayed until 6pm which would make us miss our flight to Rome.

Our 7 hour flight to Paris was pretty nice we got a full dinner and breakfast and the plane was huge. We landed in Paris to amazing shops of Chocolate, designer purses and the most perfume. We had an unexpected 8 hour layover so we ate french food and slept!!!

We finally arrived in Rome at about 6pm, having the longest travels any trip has had. We got to our hotel, Hotel Aberdeen. We cleaned up after a long couple of days and headed for dinner. About 10 of the girls found this local Italian restaurant! The server spoke english and he was SO funny! I got bruchetta, margarita pizza and italian beer! After an amazing dinner we headed to the hotel and went straight to the internet room. I skyped with mom and Justin which was awesome! after about an hour I went upstairs and crashed right away!

Day one down, pictures to come!

ciao xoxo

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