Monday, May 17, 2010

no fish

Sunday, a day to relax and catch up. Not so much. We started in the Uffizi Gallery. I saw the Birth of Venus which is one of my FAVORITE paintings! Along with the Primavera and 3 amazing da Vinci pieces.

After the museum we were on our own for the day. Kara and I did a little shopping around the markets and got lunch at Za-Za's again! I had a plate of cheese, amazing goat, brie, gouda and some others I cannot name but were delicious. Followed by ravioli in a walnut cream sauce. to die for.

We headed back to the room and I had the MOST ATM issues so I was super stressed out. Then had my first laundromat experience; not a fan. We got cleaned up and met with the group to walk to a garden and see the city of Florence at sunset. It was gorgeous! We grabbed dinner and headed to a pub across the street from the hotel. It's called the Dublin Pub. I obviously had to go and buy a t-shirt! It was a lot of fun we sat in a booth talking to local Italianos and I learned SO much Italian. I made Antonio translate 'how you doin' from Joey Tribbiani in Friends. The best part was he knew what I was talking about.

Got home for some much needed sleep, the relaxing Sunday didn't go over well. I am feeling a bit homesick, especially when things don't go smoothly. Still loveing Italy, just missing some of those comfortable surroundings.

Sono Italiano, ciao bella

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