Friday, May 14, 2010

florence bound

Okay, so this morning was rough. We were up early struggling to make the train. We got to the station and and waited around (with all our 50 pound bags) to make the 'one hour' train to Florence. We all got on the train, made our selves comfortable and come to find out we were on the wrong train and missed the correct one and the only option was to ride the train we were on and had to ride four hours to get there, stopping everywhere in between. The ride was miserable, the only cool thing was we met a professional Chelsea soccer player. Didn't mean anything to me but whatever.

Finally got to Florence and I already loved it more that Rome. It just looked like that romantic picture of Italy I have in my head. Coming off the train the shopping looked amazing!! Cannot wait to spend money here :) We DRAGGED our luggage through the streets and up flights of stairs and got to the Globus hotel. IT IS AMAZING. It is amazing Italian design, modern, chic and so nice. I feel spoiled with free internet and a beautiful surroundings!! Even the business card is perfect, thats when you know the place is good.

We got dressed up and went to our second four course meal with the group. We went to Pepo, a local Italian restaurant where they make their own wine and olive oil. It was so good! The bruchetta was perfect and I finished with a chocolate souffle. Literally could have licked the plate. We were so tired so we came back to the room, watched a movie and relaxed, finally.

Waking up early for our first real day in Florence... hopefully a lot of shopping is involved. I have lots of presents I can't wait to give :) Missing J like crazy, this one week feels like months.

ciao xoxo

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