Tuesday, May 18, 2010

under the tuscan sun

Started at SACI, the Art school in Italy, where I would study abroad if I were to come to Italy for a semester. It was pretty empty because they are in between semesters, but it was pretty cool. Could never go to school there, High Point spoils me WAY too much.

Then we took a train ride to Lucca a small town in Tuscany. On the way there I had the most amazing sandwich from the Italian market. It was salami and cheese on bread infused with olive oil. It was so moist and so delicious, I can't even describe. I could eat it every day for a year, and still would ejony it on day 365.
The hilltops and villas were gorgeous. We had an Italian- American tour guide, Paulo (or Paul). He was great, very witty and I love that, kept us entertained. He told us that we had to be super quiet walking through the streets because the people will dump buckets of water out their windows on you, telling you to shut up. The beauty of that was the streets were peaceful. We caught the train back and are getting ready to go out for Jenna and JoJo's birthday!! Last night out with the girls in Italy! I am so excited. But I am ready to see my boy.

Went out to the Dublin Pub and Fish Pub to celebrate Jenna and Jojo's birthday! It was so much fun to have one last night out with all the girls! But the best part of my night was talking to Justin! He told me those three words every girl wants to hear and it made my day, if not week!! Love you baby can't wait to come home to you!

ciao xoxo

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