Saturday, May 15, 2010

no ombrello

Rainy day today in Florence, not surprising, I know.

Started early in the new hotel. Had a bit more Americanized breakfast of toast, cereal and a kiwi! We went to the Galleria dell' Accademia to see Michelangelo's David. I was in AWE, this sculpture is giant! His foot alone had to be the size of my torso. The way it was sculpted was perfection. Even the veins in his hands looked so real you would think they had warm blood running through them. It was such a site to see and I am still in amazement.

We grabbed lunch (I finally got my Gnocchi) then took a short nap before the afternoon plans. We went to a Church (can't remember the name) where the painting that started perspective was painted. The church was beautiful but the rain was making the group drag a bit. We then headed to the place where they made perfume, soaps, lotions and so on. They had a menu for what was available! Everything smelt so good, it was all hard to resist.

We had the rest of the evening free so we of course, went shopping! There are tents up and down every single street selling Italian leather, knick knacks, and everything with fleurdelis (they are so beautiful I am officially obsessed). But the street venders trying to sell us umbrellas was the MOST annoying. After a long afternoon of shopping and too much money spent we went to dinner at Za- Za's. Dinner was, as usual, delicious!

I am now back in the hotel, relaxing again... up at 7 am (eww)

ciao xoxo

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