Friday, May 14, 2010

when in rome

The night continued with our plan of not doing anything completely ruined. Jessica came into our room and told us they were going on a pub crawl through Rome. Could I pass this up? Absolutely NOT! So we got dressed up and got a bite to eat. We went to the same restaurant we went to on the first night. They already knew us so we were treated like 'angels'. Kara and I shared the amazing bruchetta again and I got a mushroom and mozzarella crepe. YUM!

The seven of us hopped on the metro (the wrong direction at first, but we figured it out) and headed to the Coloseum to meet with the group hosting the event. We payed 15 euros for a t shirt, free drinks for an hour and a shot when you entered each bar. The crew was legitament, no worries of getting taken.

We rolled deep with about 90 people through Rome. We hit 4 different pubs, all italian, all amazing! There were so many people to meet and talk to! Kara met her gorgeous Italian boy who didn't speak a lick of english, you win Kara, you win!!

I had an amazing last night in Rome! What a fun way to see the city at night, plus I got a free t shirt!!

on to Florence!

ciao xoxo

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