Friday, May 7, 2010

big girl status

Well my Junior year has officially come to an end and I am a senior in college, I can't believe it. Summer is here and things are getting crazy and moving fast! I am packing up my dorm room where I have lived for 2 years and had some AMAZING memories here. I am picking up the key and moving into an apartment of my own in Greensboro today! I will be living there all summer, being a big girl, paying bills and having a job! I am actually really excited! (Ill let you know how I feel once I have to pay money)

Sunday at 4am I will be headed to the airport to take off to Italy! I will be there May 9th-20th! No communication except for the occasional skype (if you don't have it now get it, it's free and easy) My skype name is kelseycouch so look me up!! It hasn't really hit me that I am going to be in ITALY in a few days. Maybe it's because all the paper work and stress of moving or the fact that I have been there before, I don't know, but I sure am ready for the excitement to kick in!

I will try to blog when I am out there but the Internet costs a pretty penny and I'd rather buy designer bags and gellato! But I promise to write everything down and blog as soon as I get back!!

Let the summer begin!


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