Thursday, January 14, 2010

the skinny

I was watching The Real World last night (I know it's trashy TV, but what can I say) and there was an issue one of the cast mates got upset over. The girls on the show were talking about the possibility of being a playboy model. During this conversation one of the guys chimed in and made sure one of the girls knew she would not be skinny enough to be on playboy. All I have to say about that is, RUDE, how dare you. Woman are not delusional, it is our body and we know it best. We do not need a man to tell us how we look. And as a woman more likely than not, we are not completely satisfied with our bodies. If you are good for you and I am jealous.

Growing up I have always had self image issues. I have never been completely happy with my body and I hate the fact that I am not. I would give anything to love the way I look and be happy in my skin. Since I started college I became a lot more aware of my health and fitness and took action on how I looked. Although I may not be happy with my body everyday I do everything right to make me love it. I eat healthy and exercise almost every day. I am so lucky that I have never gotten to that dark place of an eating disorder (I love food too much, note the past two posts!). Eating disorders scare me and I would rather do things the healthy way, which I think everyone should.

In the November 2009 issue of Glamor Magazine, they talked about the beauty of not being stick th
in. It all started with the "woman on page 194." Lizzie Miller is a normal woman, well actually she is a plus-size model, but she doesn't have the ideal figure we all have stuck in our heads. When I saw this picture I was shocked. I had never seen a belly role in the media. I thought it was fabulous she is comfortable enough to flaunt what she has. So in the November they did an article about many plus-size models and how beautiful they are. I am so glad that Glamour is promoting a healthy body weight and showing all of us what real women look like.

As for the guy on The Real World, and all other guys who have a negative opinion about our bodies, keep it to yourselevs. I know I think about my body everyday and I am the only person I need to hear it from. on the other hand, if you have something good to say, about any woman, talk all you want!


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  1. Most guys should be happy to see ANY woman in their presence without clothes on!! You will soon realize (if you haven't already) that the most beautiful people you know probably aren't model material. And yet you will love them - probably more so because of that.