Thursday, May 13, 2010

the most margarita pizza

Woke up with a bit of a hangover this morning, how dare those Italian boys buy me drinks, Thanks Kara. We headed to the Pantheon. Wow. what a sight to see. This was one of the things i feel like I have been tested over for years and I was actually standing inside. We hung around the square there for a bit and met up with the cutest American art major who is now living in Italy full time. She showed us around the heart of Rome for about an hour, taking us to the Four Rivers Fountain, Bernini sculpted and some AMAZING churches. Also seeing the famous Caravaggio painting, the one with the window and the guys hand that looks like Michelangelo's hand in the Sistine Chapel. Very very cool to see this one, one I recognize.

We all sat down on a patio again, all 21 of us for a classic Italian lunch. Seriously cant get enough of this food. We all had bruchetta and, yet again, margarita pizza. only 9 euros a person, great deal!! The dining was nice and cured my hangover like that! It was a short day so from then on out we are free to rome, (hehe). Did a little shopping, got a little lost, but finally made it home to the hotel. Kara and Katie are fast asleep and I am about to join them for a nice nap...

I will fill you in on the rest of the day when it ends, feels good to relax! Florence tomorrow, yay!!

ciao for a bit...

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  1. With all your amazing details making me hungry (starving) you'll smile to know that your Dad & I had good crunchy bread - toasted - with fresh mozz cheese topped with pesto, roma tomato drizzled with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. And the fabulous view of our dining room. With the lovely entertainment of your younger sibs. ; )

    Hope the Ohio version gave you a good laugh. So happy you're having such a wonderful time. I'm craving pics. Not only of art ... but food, shopping and cute Italians.

    A toast to you! - x Margaret