Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the best part

So I know I am going to be asked this question a million times so I am going to write down my answer.

Between Rome and Florence, I definitely prefer Florence. There weren't as many sites to see, it was the way real Italians live. I loved the shopping and the relaxed environment, Florence was at a slower pace than Rome and it was just what I needed. Rome was awesome for the art I wanted to see but Florence trumped it. Plus the hotel Globus spoiled me!! I loved it so much more that the one in Rome.

My top three favorite pieces of art I saw were, the sistine Chapel, David, and The Birth of Venus! Those were three things I smiled right away when I saw them. Those pieces are one of a life time sights and I am so fortunate to have experienced all them. (still wish mom was there for them though).

Favorite food, goodness this one is hard! Ill give you the top four, I ate a lot for goodness sake. The cheese ravioli with walnut cream sauce from Za-Za's in Florence, the chocolate soufle from Pepo in Florence, the salami and cheese sandwich from the market in Florence, and the white pizza with tomatoes, black olives and basil from Rome. Damn, I ate well (diet time starts tomorrow).

My favorite nights were both in Rome. Drinking at the local bar and having MAJOR girl time was so much fun with Kara and Katie! But the Pub Crawl through Rome was the BEST! We had the perfect group of girls out and we all so much fun! I also loved the group dinners and am thrilled about all the new friends I made! I know I sound so corny but I don't know how I will go every day without Meg to make me laugh, Kara to talk to, Katie to poke fun with, and Skyler to take care of me. We will have to have many reunions when we are back in High Point!

The best thing I bought, that I am so excited about is a present for Justin, which I can't really tell you about considering its a surprise! I also love the earrings and purse I got for my self. But I am SOOO excited to give everyone their presents! (I am out of money so I shopped well).

That pretty much covers all the AMAZING memorable times I had for my trip through Italy. I learned so much about art history, and a lot of Italian which was so much fun!

The worst part was being away from J, I didn't think it was going to be this hard. It made me really homesick which I never get. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and that quote was proved to me these past ten days.

This experience was unforgettable. I am so blessed to have gotten this experience. Thank you so much mom, this never would have happened without you, you are the greatest and I love you so much.

Traveling all day tomorrow!


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  1. You are very welcome sweetie. I am SO glad you had this experience. It is an opportunity that you won't have again, that's for sure! You did an awesome job on the blog - and we all enjoyed keeping up with your travels. Glad you got to see and appreciate the art, and the country. Can't wait to see you!! Safe travels! Love you.